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"Serious about Intruder Detection"

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The "Art of Intruder Detection" is the most comprehensive book ever written for the South African Intruder alarm industry.
It is a technical training reference for new and current electronic intruder alarm technicians, sales personnel or end-users wishing to learn more about the inner workings of Intruder Alarm systems.

Based on the latest technologies, this online publication takes an honest approach to correct principles and techniques used in the electronic intruder alarm industry.



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About the Author

Bryan Rudolph was the editor of “Security Today SA” and “Security Professional” magazines and is the author of a number of published books for the Electronic Intruder Alarm Industry including: "The Art of Intruder Detection", “Intruder Alarm Sales Techniques”. He has been actively involved in the alarm industry for the past 36 years and has an extensive background in security electronics, design, installation, manufacturing, wholesaling, marketing and print publishing. He is the Training facilitator for "The South African Intruder Detection Services Association and also their National Inspector.

He is currently the developer and training facilitator of technician skills programs and has trained more than 2000 technicians.

Bryan is dedicated to the advancement and professionalism of the security industry through standards and training.

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